Holiday Schedule

Dear all volunteers,

First of all, thank you for your support and help on the outreach of skid row, we do appreciate you, and also invite your family or friends to join us for the program on every Sunday afternoon, it’s a blessing and experiencing with the activity that we need your support.
The reason that I’m writing you to announce that there is no outreach on the coming Sunday and the following one, due to Thanksgiving week there will be many groups in the area, and food will be wasted, we decided to not attend. Hope you understand the situation.
We will start the program on early December which is the 7th and the 14th, please be there at 2:00 pm.
Hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday! God always be with you and your family!

Mr. Gary Chen


感恩各位大德參與熱食發放,至今已近三個月,由於感恩節來臨,太多的社會團體將聚集於該區,食物上難免會浪費,這個星期日與下個星期日我們將不參與發放。但我們將於十二月的第一 (7號)與第二(14號)個星期日起動發放,屆時請各位菩薩大德踴躍參與,無限感恩!

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