Senior Center at Rumorosa

 The Senior Center (Casa para Pobres Desamparados) located in Rumorosa, Tijuana, was founded in 1996 by Brother Paulo with 6 seniors.  They now have 41 elderly living presently.

Poisonous insects are commonly found.

Food donations to the senior center.

Dr. Joe buys 70 rabbits from Mr. Domingo E. Valle Gastelum.  Why do you ask?  To set them free.  Dr. Joe is a vegetarian and he felt bad for the rabbits that were being bred for human consumption.

70 rabbits barely fit in the car.

Setting them free.

Run Rabbit, Run!

40 men and 1 women reside in this senior center.

Coffin donated by somebody, now they have 3 total.  They used one last week.  Most of the elderly that reside here, have no family.  Hermano Pablo does not charge the residents.

Pet farm used here for therapy for the seniors.

Celebrating a birthday.

The only elderly woman who resides in this center.

Volunteers doing dishes.

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