We have are giving breakfast for 500 students daily for the school on Union Antorchista in Colonia Antorcha.  Priority are given to the elementary children. If there is any food left, the Junior High students are given breakfast.  Below are groceries for the week to feed the children. Classes being held under the tarp for […]

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July Donations

Dr. Joe with the children and their new cups. The Sisters from the orphanage gave each child a cup with their number on them to take home. Mrs. Clara y Carmen brought new dishes for the  breakfast. Currently, the IRS still has not processed our charity exemption application that was submitted in May, 2011. They […]

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Dr. Joe Visits Orphanage

Kitchen still need upgrading.  No insulation installed. Dr. Joe in the center with the children eating breakfast.

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Guest View

We had two guest, Dr. Joe’s mom and his cousin, Bernice, follow Dr. Joe and Ah Mui for four days.  This is a glimpse of their field trip. Food Donations Breakfast for Senior Citizen Day The kitchen with Dr. Joe and his mom. Getting some delicious watermelon. Mrs. Ah Mui serving soup at the orphanage. […]

big wok upgrade

Breakfast Upgrades

Children from the surrounding neighborhoods of the orphanage having breakfast. Our new wok up-grade.  It’s ginormous! Using our new griddle. Felicitas, our volunteer, setting up the pantry area. Meanwhile waiting for the next breakfast shift of 8:15 AM.  Sister Liliana, Carmen, Clara and Nancy planning next weeks nutritious summer time breakfast.  Let’s see what they […]

Eating Pancakes

Hot Pancakes

Volunteers making pancakes for breakfast. Dr. Joe brought a commercial grade griddle from Los Angeles, CA to give to the orphanage.  A desperate need was required to upgrade and repair the equipment in the kitchen.  Ms. Carmen was the first person to make hot cake from the griddle.   Hiatus in the kitchen. Hot Pancakes […]

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children eating


Dr. Joe passing out hard boiled eggs to the children.

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boys praying


Second week of the breakfast program.  Sister Liliana cooking hard boiled eggs in the outdoors.  Kitchen is too small for the extra stove. Dr. Joe posing with a mom and her two children at breakfast. Boys giving a prayer after the meal.  So much gratitude is shown is this picture. This boy loves hard boiled […]

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Rise and Shine

Volunteers are at the orphanage site at 4:30 AM preparing breakfast. Sister Liliana preparing soup.

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boy eating apple

Breakfast at the Orphanage


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