Scarf for Dialysis Patient – Nov. 28, 2015

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As of February of 2013, we’ve been providing breakfast to Delicia Elementary School in Colonia Delicia, Tijuana. Delicia Elementary is located 10 miles before Rosarito. We average of about 75 students breakfast. Breakfast are given to children with low income families and children living with their single moms.   Typical breakfast consist of oatmeal, vegetables […]

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Delivering Food to Rumorosa

Twice a month, Care Mission delivers groceries to a Non-Profit Senior Care Facility located at the Rumorosa, near Mexicali, Mexico.  The care facility with managed by Brother Paulo ( Domingo E. Valle Gastelum).

Medical Visits

Our volunteers visiting the sick and disabled elder. Mrs. Ah Mui visiting a disabled person at his home. Dr. Joe has been giving a box of  Ensure milk to this H.I.V.  patient every week. After two weeks, this patient has already gained 5 lbs.   Looks a lot better.  

Angel M. Luquin Estrada

A letter was received from a grateful student.  Angel donated a kidney to his 17 year old sister, putting his studies on hold.  In the end, Care Mission helped Angel to continue his education. English translation of the letter… My name is Angel Manuel Luquin Estrada. I am 23 years old and live in Tijuana, […]

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New Computers

The Sonrisa de Angeles Orphanage got a special visit from Ms. Wendy Lu, Jason and Kevin from were their mission is to help bring digital education to the underprivileged children.  The visit was to support Care Mission with laptops loaded with educational program for the orphanage.   The visit was very successful.  You can tell […]

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Senior Center at Rumorosa

 The Senior Center (Casa para Pobres Desamparados) located in Rumorosa, Tijuana, was founded in 1996 by Brother Paulo with 6 seniors.  They now have 41 elderly living presently. Poisonous insects are commonly found. Food donations to the senior center. Dr. Joe buys 70 rabbits from Mr. Domingo E. Valle Gastelum.  Why do you ask?  To […]

July Donations

Dr. Joe with the children and their new cups. The Sisters from the orphanage gave each child a cup with their number on them to take home. Mrs. Clara y Carmen brought new dishes for the  breakfast. Currently, the IRS still has not processed our charity exemption application that was submitted in May, 2011. They […]

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Guest View

We had two guest, Dr. Joe’s mom and his cousin, Bernice, follow Dr. Joe and Ah Mui for four days.  This is a glimpse of their field trip. Food Donations Breakfast for Senior Citizen Day The kitchen with Dr. Joe and his mom. Getting some delicious watermelon. Mrs. Ah Mui serving soup at the orphanage. […]



All items donated by care-mission.  

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