Medical Outreach – 2013 at Tijuana

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Medical Outreach – July 2011 at Tijuana

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Medical Outreach – January 2011 at Tijuana

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Medical Outreach – 08/25/2009 (Centro Comunitario de Los Pinos, Tijuana, Mexico)

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Eye Cancer

Kelly, a 3 year old girl, came with her family from Beijing for treatment for her eye cancer at McDonald house.  Her family are under our care and support.  Care mission helped them settle in Monterey Park.  We helped the father to a Dialysis technician training program and 6 months rent.  Kelly still in treatment […]

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dr joe in mobil dental

Free Dental Care

A new mobile dental office has been created in collaboration with “Nueva Catedral de N. Sra. de Guadalupe” (  Free mobile dental care will be offered starting the 3rd week of January. Bishop Rafael Romo Muñoz of Tijuana blessing our mobile clinic. Dr. Joe with Bishop Rafael Romo Muñoz Interior of the mobile dental office. […]

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dr. joe wang patient

Dr. Joe’s Patients

Dr. Joe Wang visits his patients that he donated baby formula in December of 2009. This dog receives tlc (tender loving care) from Dr. Joe too! Donations during 2010 Christmas time. Dr. Joe visits a patient.  This patient received medical exam, vitamins, and medical supplies.

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Guest View

We had two guest, Dr. Joe’s mom and his cousin, Bernice, follow Dr. Joe and Ah Mui for four days.  This is a glimpse of their field trip. Food Donations Breakfast for Senior Citizen Day The kitchen with Dr. Joe and his mom. Getting some delicious watermelon. Mrs. Ah Mui serving soup at the orphanage. […]

Enlightened Beings Magazine

Our organization was published in Enlightened Beings Magazine in January 2011.  Here is the Chinese article… 一個不同的旅行 早就聽說有一位師兄和師姐, 近兩年默默的在墨西哥邊境的堤瓦納市, 為貧病無依 的老人針灸義診, 每星期一至四, 從早八點至下午四點, 風雨無阻, 為低收入老人和 貧戶提供醫療照顧和關懷. 是什麼因緣讓他們如此不畏艱辛, 長途跋涉的將愛傳到 這塊許多人避之不及, 住在被暴力毒品掠奪的城市裡的無辜百姓? 2011年1月8日清晨四點, LA的冬天 雖不下雪, 夜裡的空氣裡仍有一股清冷寒氣, 蔡 師兄專程從Simi Valley駕車, 一家家的將我們一行三人從每人家中接上車, 伴著星 光, 一路往 San Diego 開去, 開始我們這一段不同的旅程. 原本以為駕車的蔡師兄將 一同前往, 孰知他只是專程送我們去San Diego與阿容師姐相會, 便又原車回, 這麼 做只為護持這倆位行善的師兄師姐. 我們於早晨六點抵達San Diego 阿容師姐家, […]

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