Volunteers Needed

饅頭慈心基金會 招募義工 Come be part of the Team , be a Volunteer! 本年度的工作計劃裡的街友熱食發放活動,經過王師兄的多方奔走籌劃, 終於完成發放地點和中央 廚房簽約,食物運送車的準備, 廚具, 帳篷, 保險等前置工作大致準備妥當, 並邀得Gary Chen 師兄出 任項目負責人, Gary 師兄熱心負責有多年發放實物經驗, 必可駕輕就熟, 加上原發放組的成員,個個 皆是好手, 但此為饅頭基金會成立以來的第一次發放活動極盼有更多的朋友與 我們一起共襄盛舉. 熱食發放活動將於9 月7日正式每星期天舉行, 資料如下 中央廚房地點: Real Christian Chinese Kitchen 1391 N . Hacienda Blvd., La Puente, CA 91744 (在10 Fw y 和Francisquito 附近) 每星期日早上開始食物準備, 需準備春捲,水煮蛋, 麵包, 水果, […]

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Medical Visits

Our volunteers visiting the sick and disabled elder. Mrs. Ah Mui visiting a disabled person at his home. Dr. Joe has been giving a box of  Ensure milk to this H.I.V.  patient every week. After two weeks, this patient has already gained 5 lbs.   Looks a lot better.  

Senior Center at Rumorosa

 The Senior Center (Casa para Pobres Desamparados) located in Rumorosa, Tijuana, was founded in 1996 by Brother Paulo with 6 seniors.  They now have 41 elderly living presently. Poisonous insects are commonly found. Food donations to the senior center. Dr. Joe buys 70 rabbits from Mr. Domingo E. Valle Gastelum.  Why do you ask?  To […]

Guest View

We had two guest, Dr. Joe’s mom and his cousin, Bernice, follow Dr. Joe and Ah Mui for four days.  This is a glimpse of their field trip. Food Donations Breakfast for Senior Citizen Day The kitchen with Dr. Joe and his mom. Getting some delicious watermelon. Mrs. Ah Mui serving soup at the orphanage. […]

big wok upgrade

Breakfast Upgrades

Children from the surrounding neighborhoods of the orphanage having breakfast. Our new wok up-grade.  It’s ginormous! Using our new griddle. Felicitas, our volunteer, setting up the pantry area. Meanwhile waiting for the next breakfast shift of 8:15 AM.  Sister Liliana, Carmen, Clara and Nancy planning next weeks nutritious summer time breakfast.  Let’s see what they […]

Eating Pancakes

Hot Pancakes

Volunteers making pancakes for breakfast. Dr. Joe brought a commercial grade griddle from Los Angeles, CA to give to the orphanage.  A desperate need was required to upgrade and repair the equipment in the kitchen.  Ms. Carmen was the first person to make hot cake from the griddle.   Hiatus in the kitchen. Hot Pancakes […]

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student teacher values

Teaching Values

Teaching kids to become model citizens by teaching them values.  

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Food Delivery

Felicitas and Dr. Joe delivering partial weekly groceries to the orphanage.  Cleaning products, commercial stove and cooking pots were also sent.

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Rise and Shine

Volunteers are at the orphanage site at 4:30 AM preparing breakfast. Sister Liliana preparing soup.

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Enlightened Beings Magazine

Our organization was published in Enlightened Beings Magazine in January 2011.  Here is the Chinese article… 一個不同的旅行 早就聽說有一位師兄和師姐, 近兩年默默的在墨西哥邊境的堤瓦納市, 為貧病無依 的老人針灸義診, 每星期一至四, 從早八點至下午四點, 風雨無阻, 為低收入老人和 貧戶提供醫療照顧和關懷. 是什麼因緣讓他們如此不畏艱辛, 長途跋涉的將愛傳到 這塊許多人避之不及, 住在被暴力毒品掠奪的城市裡的無辜百姓? 2011年1月8日清晨四點, LA的冬天 雖不下雪, 夜裡的空氣裡仍有一股清冷寒氣, 蔡 師兄專程從Simi Valley駕車, 一家家的將我們一行三人從每人家中接上車, 伴著星 光, 一路往 San Diego 開去, 開始我們這一段不同的旅程. 原本以為駕車的蔡師兄將 一同前往, 孰知他只是專程送我們去San Diego與阿容師姐相會, 便又原車回, 這麼 做只為護持這倆位行善的師兄師姐. 我們於早晨六點抵達San Diego 阿容師姐家, […]

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