Who We Are

We are a nonprofit organization that started in 2009.  “Care-mission USA” and “Care-mission en Mexico” were founded in 2011 to meet the needs of the sick and children.

los pinos volunteers

Los Pinos Volunteers

Our volunteers include:

ah mui manguyAh Mui Manguy – Has brought volunteer experience since 1993 from another nonprofit organization from building elementary schools to helping the sick and poor.

“I see the poor and sick needing help.  I love to educate the people how to take care of themselves and their family.”

joe wangDr. Joe Wang


Don 幸大中Don Hsin 幸大中 – Coordinator and co-leader of LA Youth Group

Gary chenGary Chen

IMG_1462Pastor Mike J. Bond

Catherine Lan – Secretary of Care Mission USA

IMG_1460Hsu Mama

Jason MaoJason Mao – Cal State LA  ( Youth Group)
阿姚Yao Huang – On Site Engineer, Mr. Everything

Wen Ying LiuWen Ying Liu –10+ yrs Volunteer

Albert HwangAlbert Hwang–10+ yrs Volunteer

Helen ChiangHelen Chiang–10+ yrs Volunteer

Lan MamaLan Mama–10+ yrs Volunteer


TzuYuan Wen–10+ yrs Volunteer
Carlos TsaiCarlos Tsai– 10+ yrs Volunteer

張俊鵬Peng Jun Zhang–Rosemead High ( Youth Group)



alejandrina de la cruzAlejandrina De La Cruz –

berthaBertha E. Baca S. – Has volunteered since January of 2008.  Has been volunteering with Dr. Joe since Oct 2008.  She’s retiree from IMSS (Mexican Social Security).

I like to volunteer to keep myself busy, above all help those who need it more.  I also like to help Dr. Joe Wang and Mrs. Ah Mui Manguy the work they are doing.

Martha Elia Orozco – Is happily married  with 5 children and 2 grandchildren.  Likes to feel useful and learn new things.

I started volunteering because I brought my mother as a patient to the clinic.  I have lots of interest in the Chinese methods to cure the patients and to help those who need it.

Vanessa Yazmin Lopez R. – Volunteer since November of 2011.

I’ve been volunteering because I think that it is a beautiful service to be able to coexist with people and see how they are recuperating little by little.  Thank you to these people they help us for free.

Mayra Yanira Guardado Molina – Is a house wife with three children.  Has been volunteering since June of 2009.

I love to help people that need it.  Because we are involved, Spanish speaking people ask what we do and we explain it in Spanish to the patients.  They in turn, are helped by the doctor and are cured.

HarryHarry Han – Rosemead High School

Kevin LiuTian (Kevin) Liu – La Salle High School, youth group co-ordinator

Victor WenVictor Wen – Temple City High School